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Covid Vaccine | The Greatest Tag & Release in Human History

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Once in a Century Opportunity

In the near future the greatest tag & release program in human history will be underway with the Covid-19 vaccine unabashedly designated as the delivery system in an effort to “tag” every human on the planet. Why? Because during the last decades the most valuable asset is information particularly on the citizenry and consumer. What better way to literally insert a tracking system, whether medically or administratively through registration, particularly since each type of vaccine will have its unique signature for verification purposes?

The compilation of such intimate data to enhance their present-day database represents the ultimate in governmental and corporate “wet” dreams that would normally require decades, assuming through legal means, for any intel service to achieve. Because power is apolitical no government or large corporate entity will let this rarest of opportunities pass by.

Global leadership will become further entrenched as the condescending paternal dictatorial benefactor that will enable near real-time monitoring of its citizenry and demographic change. With an application of AI it may soon achieve predictive abilities.

Power is Apolitical

Applied under the cover of altruism but need people to get economies going, money. According to the following chart entitled How Close is the World to a Coronavirus Vaccine? provided by The World Health Organization and presented by Statista, an online information firm, 155 are in pre-clinical testing, 39 are in Phase II, 18 are in Phase II and 11 are in Phase III.

The creation of a global database utilizing samples containing DNA samples provide a standard intel lingua franca encompassing of billions of law-abiding citizens. Court battles domestically and internationally over the privacy rights of forcibly acquiring DNA samples is almost moot since this genetic information will already be on file in one way or another after vaccine inoculation.

The Costly Cost-Free Antidote

As the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” The same applies to vaccines. The vaccine itself may be free or offered at low cost but receiving one (or refusal) comes at a steep price of personal freedom from legitimate and illegitimate sources. The primary benefactors are governments, the medical community; Big Pharma and insurance companies. The latter is most anxious to exploit this data for the purposes of monetizing your data through higher premiums & fees (or even denial of medical coverage) because of some genetic defect or risk as determined by their so-called proprietary analysis.

Savage Seduction

Corporate-owned media plays a huge role in stirring up more hysteria as a marketing tool to solicit greater demand for people to get inoculated. It’s not far-fetched that corporate public relations specialists are already reprogramming consumer behavior through their brand of psychological and technological devilry. Furthermore the present-day explosive nationwide Covid surges provide the marketing catalyst with an increasingly desperate citizenry and willingness to accept a vaccine while waiving their privacy rights. Already this is borne out in the following chart provided by CodeFuel, a firm that provides behavioral studies, with respect to the public’s willingness to surrender personal data specific to the pandemic:

The inevitable doubters, conspiracy theorists, “stragglers” and obstinate holdouts, might be convinced to accept inoculation through monetary incentives or perhaps through disincentives in which employers would legally refuse to hire those who have not taken the vaccine even if they exclusively work remotely.

This leads to a legal and possibly constitutional conundrum because under the right circumstances “voluntary” has a fluid meaning and open interpretation. As is the case with human nature there will never be 100% worldwide inoculation. However governments and corporate can implement legally defendable, pre-pandemic discriminatory practices to those who are not inoculated even with negative test results. The reason is that this non-inoculated group still represents a risk to others since vaccines never 100% effective.

This holdout group may face discriminatory practices for jobs, housing and loans. Even those wealthy individuals with unlimited time & resources to legally challenge these “new normal” practices are going against governmental and corporate law departments that are specifically designed to defend the organization, not to uphold individual citizen rights.

Furthermore because Covid-19 is a novel virus its peculiarities are not well known with many mysteries to be discovered well afterward the initial vaccine is administered. For this reason booster shots may be required giving governments and corporations another opportunity to capture those that they missed the first time around.

The Forever Vaccine

Like the US Forever Stamps this technology programmed upon inoculation or follow-through medical visits provides medical info, these genetic markers may be passed to the next generations. It’s the same way ancestry firms use your DNA, which you provided voluntarily, to provide potential (best guess probabilities) health risks. That means your yet to be born offspring will be automatically “tagged” through you going forward representing the deepest personal information intrusion imaginable.

Coronavirus Conspiracy

The following chart entitled The Most Common Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories provided by Cornell University and presented by Statista. The accompanying text to the chart stated:

“The Cornell University conducted an analysis of Covid-19 misinformation, falsehoods and conspiracy theories circulating in the media and its findings were published by The NY Times. The researchers analyzed 38 million articles published in the English language globally between January 01 and May 26, finding that 1.1 million contained misinformation. That represents just under three percent of the entire Covid-19 conversation.”

Interestingly and perhaps disturbingly the discussion for what purposes will the information garnished from the distribution and inoculation processes has not yet emerged into the public domain by the mainstream media.

Alternative Dark Sources

Finally for those health conscious citizens who want the vaccine but are adamant about surrendering personal information or even being identified by any organization an alternative may be the black market, notably through rouge medical professionals and even on the dark web. The trade-off risk is the willingness to trust an unverified, unregulated third-party source.

An equally risky alternative is unknowingly receiving a watered-down version of the vaccine or simply a placebo which offers little or no protection a lethal risk for those high risk individuals.

The lower end risk is to eschew taking the vaccine altogether yet illegally purchase an authorized vaccine certification.

Logistical & Distribution Nightmare

Despite a highly interconnected, globalized world there are enormous challenges in the logistics and distribution sectors because the vaccine is for a global pandemic of 7.7 billion people instead of an epidemic impacting merely a region. The challenges are the following:

· There are established and efficient pharmaceutical distribution networks. The problem is the massive supply of vaccines entering a distribution pipeline designed for a fraction of this amount will result in epic delays and backlogs.

· New distribution hubs to handle the increased volume are required and initially appear to increase efficiency rather operationally they will initially complicate the distribution process because of their novelty.

· The distribution of vaccine to other than first-world regions which have smaller, less efficient distribution networks with limited specialized storage facilities (if any) and trained medical personnel to handle the vaccine will inevitably encounter unique problems resulting in waste.

· The top priority of Covid-19 vaccine distribution will “crowd out” the regular distribution of prescription drugs for an extended time resulting in shortages which will adversely impact patients who rely on them for their daily health (particularly for treatment of blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes). Imagine yourself in your car having to wait at the crossroads while an endless line of law enforcement escorted emergency medical vehicles drive past allowing only a limited number of non-emergency vehicles to pass through at a time.

· The aforementioned problems may force consumers to seek sources who may provide inferior or even dangerous substitutes exacerbating the overwhelmed medical systems with non-Covid cases.

Whether distributed legally or illegally this is the biggest drug deal in human history, fraught with risks, with the ominous divulgence of personal privacy issues attached. Inevitably, any drug dealer and every party in the distribution chain wants to know their “customers” intimately to better maintain and potential expand their market share.

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The Cerulean Council is a NYC-based think-tank that provides prescient, beyond-the-horizon, contrarian perspectives and risk assessments on geopolitical dynamics and global urban security.

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