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The Corporate Grassroots Cyber-Centurions

A fresh perspective on how organizations can be proactive in identifying and mitigating the deluge of asymmetrical cyber-attacks

Asian Dunkirk | Hong Kong Brain Drain

The exodus of foreign firms and nationals is accelerating as forecast by this article published 31 May 2020.

Body Language in the Digital Workspace

The pandemic has exiled many workers into the cloud – a de facto digital Off-World colony as in the dystopic movie Blade Runner which has...

Party Like It’s the Summer of 1939

It’s the summer of 1939 as the looming darkening clouds engulf Europe. The last gasps for peace have vanished as Nazi Germany is at the...

The Gentrification of Americana

The exodus of urban residents is gentrifying Americana, ironically recreating the urban density and problems they were fleeing.

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