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Investing During the Pandemic

Albert Goldson, CEO & Founder of Cerulean Council, a NYC-based boutique think-tank was interviewed 13 August 2020 by journalist Jason Hartman of Medium Authority Magazine. In this interview Mr. Goldson provided his investment recommendations during this global economic crisis encompassing:

· Short and long-term investment opportunities

· Alternative investments

Furthermore he provided his contrarian and counter-intuitive perspectives on related business topics. In the section An Insider Look At Smart Investing he describes how the particular elements establishes the fundamentals of a firm’s “personality” and ultimately performance such as:

Leadership’s non-business activities and how it determines their business perspectives.

How the architecture & design of the corporate offices determines its personality.

Leadership’s behavior and communication style at different levels within and outside of the corporate structure

Finally he adds brief and useful information on professional self-improvement:

Business Backstory

Amusing Professional Lessons

New Projects

Tools for coping during the pandemic

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